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cobas u 601 urine analyzer

A fully automated urine test strip solution for laboratories

The cobas u 601 urine analyzer is a fully automated urine strip testing system. Using proven quality strips (designed with unique Combur-Test® net-sealing technology) and new generation of photometer technology (taking high-resolution images of the strip pads), the cobas u 601 urine analyzer provides reliable and confident results.

Proven test strip technology1

The Combur-Test® strips use a proven unique reagent strip technology which is based on more than 50 years of experience. Using net sealing technology combined with an iodated mesh and a specific parameter design, potential interference between test pads as well as ascorbic acid interference is minimized.

Efficient automated system

Continuous loading and unloading of sample racks, convenient loading of strips packed in RFID labelled cassettes, and convenient quality control (QC) management reduce operator intervention and improve workflow.

Innovative photometer technology

An innovative photometer with improved reflectance technology identifies errors on the strip pads which can differentiate lysed and intact erythrocytes to produce highly reliable results.1

Using the new photometer technology enables the cobas u 601 to identify errors from the testing process and eliminates incorrect results: the system can detect dust on the strip, if the strip was bent, or if not enough/too much urine sample was pipetted onto the strip. Once an error is detected the system provides a corresponding message to indicate the reason.

Modular system

The stand-alone cobas u 601 urine analyzer can be upgraded on-site with the cobas u 701 microscopy analyzer (automated sediment analysis) to a urine work area – one platform with automated sample transportation through the entire system.

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