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Purchasing Department

Our Purchasing Department assures there is a vast supply of products in Isla Lab’s Distribution Center.


- Analyzes customer product usage/demand.

- Analyzes manufacturer product supply lots & expiration dates.

- Increases stock prior to hurricane and winter seasons to ensure safe inventory levels.

- Establishes standing orders for lot sensitive products.

-  Handles logistics for refrigerated, room temperature, dangerous goods shipments via air domestic and international.

Distribution Center

Our Distribution Center is strategically located in the Metropolitan Area near the Puerto Rico International Airport Luis Munoz Marin:

- Over 11,000 Sq. Ft. of storage space 

- Walk-in coolers with redundant air handling units

- Seven transport units with state-of-the-art refrigeration units with GPS location and temperature monitoring 

- Temperature monitoring/recording systems with alarm communications

- Underground gasoline tank 

- Two stand-by diesel fuel generators

Quality Department

Our Quality Department ensures that products are handled, distributed, and serviced following manufacturer and regulatory requirements. Compliance is our focus. As manufacturer representatives, we act quickly and methodically to communicate product and equipment risks to our clients and users.

Phone: (787) 792-2222 ext. 2500, 2506

Fax: (787) 793-4943

Email: qualitysystems@islalab.com